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    Welcome to The Book Makers. We offer full-service premium book layout and design, hand-crafted by award winning master book designer Joel Friedlander.
  • eBooks that Shine
    eBooks that Shine
    We can make your eBook shine with our premium design options.
  • Incredible Layout for Print
    Incredible Layout for Print
    Get the best of traditional design and cutting edge layout that will make your book stand out on the page.
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    Free Services Guidebook
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Premium Interior Design Services

Tradition Infused with Modern Design DNA

As a premium book interior design firm, The Book Makers specializes in crafting beautiful book interiors that meld modern typography with bookmaking traditions that date back over five-hundred years. This unique blend of tradesmanship and modernist elements create our unique design DNA. It is in every book we create and makes our work stand out.
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Have your book crafted in InDesign or Word

The Ultimate in Choice

The Book Makers’ innovative technology platform allows authors the ability to choose between the ultimate in typography or the ultimate in portability. Have your book produced in Adobe InDesign, delivering the highest quality in type and layout for a professional finish. Or, choose to have your book designed with Microsoft Word, giving you the most portable format possible to work on your book file at a later date, with the tools you have at home.
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Let our Experience Work for You

Bulletproof Layout

Bulletproof Layout is what we call our pre-configured book interior style choices. These layouts are far from standard, as we have put thousands of hours of research and development into our pre-configured designs to assure that they are rock-solid and deliver master-level results, every time.

View Our Bulletproof Layouts

People Behind The Book Makers

We believe in Quality over Quantity. At The Book Makers, we recognize that every author has a unique vision and that each book has its own personality and individual requirements to meet its full potential. Our highly skilled team has decades of specialized design and technical skills to meet the demands of authors who require the best in book making craftsmanship. Quality and personal ownership of each book we build is the cornerstone of our work ethic.

Joel Friedlander

Master Book Designer / Founder

With over forty years of book design and production experience, Joel is a master craftsman.

Tracy Atkins

Technologist, Designer / Co-Founder

As the lead technologist, Tracy’s decades of experience assures that each book and eBook produced meets the stringent technical requirements of the multitude of Print-On-Demand and eBook platforms.

Treana Atkins

Production Manager

When it comes to coordinating all of the elements to go into successful book design and production, Treana keeps the forward momentum going and assures that everything is in its proper place at the proper time.

  • Joel’s design was simply superior, head and shoulders above other submissions. He was professional and fast throughout the process. I have no doubt that Joel will become an invaluable part of the birth of your book.

  • One of the few people offering comprehensive, start-to-finish education, without any snark or agenda, is Joel Friedlander. He is continually creating new services and products for authors.

  • This was a great experience through and through. I highly recommend anyone looking for a professional layout to use Joel. I will definitely be coming back for my next one.

  • Joel is wonderful. That was worth every penny and every minute. He’s very professional.

  • I have found in general Joel provides the detail regarding formatting and the mechanics of how books are made that one requires to get through the technical issues of self-publishing. Joel is a hugely valuable resource to those of us who view this as a business and want to produce books on par with the traditional publishing industry.

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We specialize in high quality book interiors for print and eBook. You can choose from one of our affordable bulletproof styles, to having your book completely customized to your needs. You can download our brochure here, or view a few samples of our work below.